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#282  Over the Hills Sampler Chart


This charming design depicts a scene showing English and French soldiers preparing for battle. The recruiting sergeant (sat at the table under the tree) is signing up a new recruit. The young girl behind the tree is peeping at the soldiers on parade, while an elderly man looks on. Lord Wellington is arriving at camp on horseback, with a following waggon complete with supplies. A young boy and his mother are waving to the departing soldiers as they march 'over the hills and far away' to fight the French on the hilltop

The text in the sampler comes from a traditional English song dating back to at least the early 1700's. Many versions exist, with lyrics altered to suit the monarch/regiment of the day.

The nursery rhyme Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son mentions a piper who only knows one tune - 'Over the Hills and Far Away.'
The motto - 'Virtutis Fortuna Comes' was Lord Wellington's motto and means - Fortune favours the brave.

Size: 16 1/2 x 13 1/4ins (42 x 33.5cms)
Stitch count: 232 x 184
Fabric 28 count cream Quaker cloth
DMC Stranded cotton
Skill level: Intermediate


Our Price: GBP 7.95  

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